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Nowadays more than ever, brands have to create long term value. Foremost, brand communication has to reinforce the companies’ relationship with individuals and their communities.

To create and develop this emotional bond with their customers, it is crucial for brands to be associated with a context of pleasure and entertainment.

Following this idea and considering the dramatic growth of the video games industry this past years, Star Product also specializes in product placement in video games. More than just an entertainment, video games offer a new way for brands to strengthen their customer relationship management through an interactive and fun communication strategy.

In a nutshell, it is a perfect match between communication and entertainment.

The Video Games Market:

  • 2007 Worldwide revenue = 30 billion euros
  • 2008 Worldwide revenue = 50 billion euros
    (Source : Etude IDate)

  • 2007 USA revenue = 10 billion dollars
  • 2008 USA revenue = 13 billion dollars
    (Source : Etude Nielsen)

  • 2007 France revenue = 2,4 billion euros
  • 2008 France revenue = 3,4 billion euros
    (Source : cabinet NPD)
  • In 2012, the European market is expected to reach a revenue of more than 15 billion euros.
    (Source : PriceWaterhouseCoopers)
  • In 2008, 46 millions of video games were sold in France.
    (Source : GFK, Biens culturels, Janvier 2009)
  • An European equipment rate (PC and games console) reaching more than 80%.
  • A large and mixed audience range (gamers from 5 to more than 55 years old and 47% of female gamers).
    (Sources: Gamevision – Printemps 2008)  / PWC, Global Entertainment and media outlook / Nielsen, 2008)
  • Averagetime spent in playing video games = 6.3 hours per week in France (14 hours per week in the US).
    (Sources : Panel Nielsen)


In-Game Advertising:

  • 295 billion dollars invested in In-game advertising.
  • Forecast of investments in 2012 = 1 billion dollars
    Including 650 millions in In-game advertising
    And 350 millions in advergames
    (Source: e-marketer, marché USA In-Game + Advergaming)
  • All the major industries are investing in this cost efficient communication, from daily life items to high added-value products.

  • For 75% of gamers are multiplayers (games played in group)
  • 90% of gamers remember the brands that they have been exposed to while playing.
  • An acceptance rate of In-game advertising reaching 84%. Gamers believe that brands placements provide more realism in games environment.
  • 70% of gamers think that a brand is being innovative by integrating their image in a video game.

(Sources: Nielsen Games Research & Bases 2008 ; IGN Entertainment ; Ipsos Media CT 2008)

  • We invite you to watch this following video, extract from the TV show “Culture pub” in June 2009.

To learn more about the different opportunities provided by this new media, contact us.


About us

Star Product is a Paris-based company specializing in product placement and embedded marketing services across different entertainment media platforms.

We promote brand integration and branded entertainment opportunities accross film productions, television, video games and music videos. From brand appearances in production and broadcasting to film premieres and special events, Star Product connects brands and productions by working closely with companies based on their specific needs, to deliver a targeted multi-media communication strategy that maximizes brand value.

Co-founder of the agency since2003, Laurence Devèze who brings a wealth of experience from the advertising space sales industry prior to becoming Manager of Star Product.

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