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La Dernière Campagne

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Réalisé par Bernard Stora
Avec Bernard Le Coq, Thierry Frémont, Patrick Braoudé...
Téléfilm français
Genre : Biopic
Année de production : 2012
Chaîne de télévision : France Télévisions


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Star Product is a Paris-based company specializing in product placement and embedded marketing services across different entertainment media platforms.

We promote brand integration and branded entertainment opportunities accross film productions, television, video games and music videos. From brand appearances in production and broadcasting to film premieres and special events, Star Product connects brands and productions by working closely with companies based on their specific needs, to deliver a targeted multi-media communication strategy that maximizes brand value.

Co-founder of the agency since2003, Laurence Devèze who brings a wealth of experience from the advertising space sales industry prior to becoming Manager of Star Product.

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